As a child I remember being captivated by the powerful photographs of real life in my parents Life and Look magazines. Those early experiences would influence my photographic vision and lead me to street photography, before I knew it had a name.  I called it “real-life” photography. 

As a photographer that real-life vision underlies everything I do photographically whether it be portraiture, news, street or personal projects.  The influence of those great Life photographers is part of my DNA.

My childhood hero was my grandfather, a hardscrabble newspaperman from the heartland who chain smoked Camel cigarettes (which eventually killed him) while pounding on an old manual Underwood typewriter with 2 fingers at over 100 words per minute.  It was his influence (minus the Camels) combined with my fascination with those magazine photos that led me to pursue a career the visual media.

As often happens my career took a somewhat different path into the telecommunications field in marketing, operations and finally as a senior executive. But my early love of journalism and photography never left.

Today I am an entrepreneur finally pursuing my original dream as both a journalist and photographer. In the process I founded Street Photography Magazine where my beat is photography…street and documentary photography to be specific. They also happen to be two of my passions.

Street Photography Magazine is as much my personal journey of learning as it is a journal for anyone who seeks to capture that one iconic moment. Or at least some good ones that keep them coming back.

In the magazine I tell the stories of the life and work of other photographers. On this site I’ll tell my own photographic story and hope someone notices.

Photo by Jesper Storgaard Jensen